Sunday, February 22, 2015

12 Week Challenge Week 8- Consolidation Week

Hi Everyone! How is the 12 Week Challenge going for you? My water drinking did slip back a little last week, but I think this may be more to do with being a little bit lazy in recording it on Plant Nanny rather than not drinking my usual amount of water.

Since this week is week 8 of the challenge, it is time for some consolidation of the goals so far.

Here is what I plan to do to stay on track:

Week 1- Increase water intake: I got myself some Red Seal Tea Bags that brew in either Hot or Cold water. My plan this week is to add these tea bags to my water bottle to keep my water interesting and encourage me to drink it.

Week 2- Add produce in the morning: I haven't really been feeling like Smoothies much at the moment, but I might try to get in a couple of green smoothies this week to give myself a boost of nutrients in the morning.

Week 3- Get moving: This hasn't really been a problem as I have been doing heaps of exercise up here. I got a bike last week, so I will probably try to get out on this a couple of times this week.

Week 5- Switch to Wholegrains: My freezer is stocked up with wholegrain bread, and I have some quinoa and whole wheat in the cupboard, so it is just a case of choosing these over more processed alternatives.

Week 6- Try something new with a vegetable. I'm a little stuck on this one at the moment, but since corn is in season, I think that I will try and make something interesting with that.

Week 7- Stretch it out: Finding time for stretching can be hard when you're so busy going about your day, so my strategy this week is to try and fit in 5 minutes of stretching before bed.

This week is a great opportunity to try and develop these great habits, so make the most of it and pick one or two goals that aren't so great at the moment and improve them.

Good Luck.

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