Sunday, February 15, 2015

12-Week Get Healthy Challenge Week 7- Stretch it Out

Hi Everyone. Sorry that I have been a little bit absent on Facebook and Instagram this past week. Work has been pretty busy this week, but hopefullt this week I will be a little more on to it.

We have now reached Week 7 in the 12 Week Challenge! How quickly has that time gone. This week rather than food, I decided to focus  on an aspect of physcial wellbeing. More specifically, the focus this week is on the importance of stretching.

Quite often when you decide to start being more physically active, you jump into it with lots of enthusiasm the first week, but by a week in, you are feeling tired and sore, and the thought of doing even more exercise is more than you can bear.

It may not even be physical activity that is making you sore. After 6 weeks of working in front of a computer for 80% of my day, I can definitely feel it in my neck and shoulders by the end of the week. 

Both of these scenarios can be hugely improved with just a little bit of stretching. I definitely think that we brush it off too easily (myself included). You allow yourself thirty minutes for a run, but you are far too busy to fit in 3-5 minutes of stretching at the end. 

That is why this week my aim is to fit in at least 2 minutes of stretching a day.....

..... that's achievable right?

My goal for this is that it is a must after exercising! I also want to make time for a neck, back, or shoulder stretch everyday to counteract the strain my job puts on these areas.

Below I have provided some links to give you some ideas of stretches for particular areas or activities:

  • Cool Running have some great stretches to do if you're a runner
  • Mayo clinic have some good stretches if, like me, you work at a desk
  • Here are some general leg stretches from abc fitness
  • I always find yoga a fantastic way to stretch out. Here are some yoga poses to help stretch out your lower back.
So remember, just a few minutes of stretching every day and by the end of the week you should feel more comfortable and hopefully, without any tight muscles.

Good Luck

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