Sunday, January 25, 2015

12 Week Get Healthy Challenge Week 4- Consolidation Week

Hi Everyone! Hungry Male and I are currently enjoying Auckland Anniversary weekend, so technically our weekend will still continue tomorrow, but for everyone not in Auckland tomorrow marks the start of a new working week, and therefore, the start of a new week of the 12 Week Get Healthy Challenge.

I don't know about you, but I have found that writing this has been great motivation for keeping the healthy habits that I set each week. With this heat drinking my 2.4L of water per day definitely hasn't been hard and I am very much a stone-fruit person, so you will find apricots and peaches in most of my breakfasts.

This week I am not going to give you any new challenges. Instead this week is about consolidation. This challenge is all about developing and maintaining healthy habits, so instead of making life difficult by continually throwing things at you, every 4 weeks there will be a consolidation week, to just focus on developing the healthy habits from the last few weeks.

So let's Recap:

Up Your Water Intake: I am still using my Plant Nanny app and still really love using it. Some days you definitely do get a bit sick of plain water, so I like adding different fruits like berries to keep it interesting. I don't expect everyone to drink 2.4L like I am trying to do, but I definitely recommend setting yourself a goal and trying to reach it.

Add Produce Into Breakfast: Reaching 5+ fruit and veg can be difficult, so I like kickstarting my day with some form of produce. If you are still having trouble with that one set a goal for a certain number of days per week i.e. 4 days per week you will add a fruit of vegetable to your breakfast. Think banana or peach with cereal, or spinach or tomato with eggs.

Get Moving by Adding A Walk: Exercise is so important for health, especially if like me you spend a lot of your working day in front of a computer.  I believe that walking is something that almost everyone can do, no matter how unfit. The goal is to walk at least once a week. Hungry Male and I actually got out for 2 walks along with a run this week, and I find it a really great way to unwind after work. If you have time on the weekend, places like the zoo are a great place to walk around and have fun, or choose and area of your city or town and have a walk around.

If you want to see more about each challenge, click the link in the titles.

Good Luck!

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