Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recipe List 25.11.13- Loving Summer Desserts

Aargh! It's less than one month until Christmas! I am definitely not prepared for it. I still have a little bit of shopping to do, I have to move out of my flat, get all prepared to go away camping for the holiday break and do some Christmas baking. I am going to be busy!

But anyway, on to this week's recipe list.

I am going to go a little bit unhealthier than I often do here in the blog, but hey life is all about balance and desserts are a big part of that. Although I do love my stodgy winter puddings, summer gives you the opportunity to be a little bit lighter and include lots of delicious summer fruit. As Summer in New Zealand really is around the corner I thought I would start getting some inspiration.

I love all summer fruit but one of my favourites (only by a margin would have to be apricots). Unfortunately I tend to buy 2 or 3 too many and they go mushy. These apricot bars would be a great way to use those ones that get left a little too long.

I can also never get enough of fresh summer berries. Blueberries are usually hideously expensive, but when they come down in price I always buy a punnet or two. While I would use fresh peaches in this crisp, I may just use frozen blueberries.

To keep it a little more simple with the berries, this recipe for berries with coconut cream looks great.

And finally, I love a good cupcake so I couldn't go past these peach cupcakes! I will definitely have to make some when I get my hands on some peaches.

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