Friday, October 11, 2013

What I took travelling

Unfortunately I don't have a recipe ready for you this week, so instead I thought that i would do something a little bit different than I normally do. About a month ago I went on a day trip up to Auckland for an interview. I thought I would share with you the food and other things that I took with me that day.

Now in my mind there are two types of travellers. There are those who seem to cope with taking a tiny bag and just wing it and then there are those who are prepared for every occasion, but as a result, have to lug a great heavy bag around with them. I tend to fit into this second category, however, on this particular trip, I was determined to have the best of both worlds.

..... I somewhat succeeded. My day began with a small, but reasonably full handbag but managed to accumulate several extra items during the day. Oh well, I never really felt like my bag was in the way so I think I did pretty well.

So here is a run down of what I took (I apologise for the terrible photo as this was taken the night before).

1. I wasn't sure when I would be eating and I thought that the last thing I wanted was to be hungry, therefore I took a bag of raisins, almonds and I think there was a power bar in there. Turns out this wasn't hugely needed due to nerves, but I was glad that I had it in case.

2. The apple was for the same reason. This did get eaten at the airport on the way home.

3. In an interview, one of my strategies is to try and eliminate things that may make me worried. Worrying about my breath would be awful so Mentos or mints are a must!

4. I think my wallet is pretty much a given.

5. As I was interviewing with L'Oreal I didn't want my make-up looking off. I also treat make-up as something of a protective barrier so I had a small touch up kit with me.

6. I always like to have water on me and flying domestically I was allowed to have a bottle with me on the plane.

7. I had to get up at 5.10am to get to the airport on time (after which my plane was delayed 2.5 hours!!!). Because this was way too early for me to be hungry, I had some breakfast with me. I took some oatie boaties because they travel well and treated myself to some of the world's most expensive strawberries.

8. A notebook with my presentation notes and boarding passes inside. The notebook is a 'just in case' item.

9. Pencil case.... again a given.

10. Emery board as I find raggedy nails so distracting!

11. Bobby pins to keep my hair looking tidy.

12. A pair of leggings. I wore a pencil skirt up to Auckland, which isn't the most comfortable thing so I had some leggings to wear on the way home (which for some reason I didn't)

13. I was also wearing heels so I took some flats for comfort on the plane.

Throughout the day, due to several plane delays etc. I also accumulated 2 magazines, some of the most amazing caramel slice ever to take home to hungry male and a gift bag from L'Oreal.

As you can see, I like to be prepared and even though I didn't use half of these things, it made me feel heaps better just having them.

What are things that you always have to have with you when you travel?

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