Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recipe List 21.10.13- Pins from my food board

I am almost done with exams!! I have now completed one of my degrees (Clothing and Textiles) and I just have one more exam and then my honours year left for my marketing degree. I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!

In other news, gluten no longer seems to really be causing me issues... No idea why. I'm still not going crazy on gluten foods and I actually enjoy a lot of the flours that I have been experimenting with, but it at least gives me a little more freedom.

I am still quite busy studying for my last exam on Wednesday, so I am being a little bit lazy and sharing with you awesome food ideas that I have already found on Pinterest.

First up is this delicious fruit and nut loaf. Using whole fruit and nuts, it also looks really pretty when sliced. It would make a great item to take to upcoming Christmas get togethers.

Another thing that would make a great 'bring-a-plate' is this individual cheesecake cupcakes. You can also mix up the toppings with salted caramel or berry options.

For a nice, lighter summer salad, this tangled thai peanut salad looks perfect!

And finally for a great breakfast, lunch or snack, this peanut butter protein shake looks delicious (I do love my peanut butter!)

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