Monday, October 28, 2013

Recipe List 29.10.13- Getting ready for summer with iced tea

I'm so sorry for my lack of posting recently!! I'm all done with exams and have had a few days to relax so I can get back into creating delicious recipes now!!

We have been having some extremely changeable spring weather at the moment. Hot nor'westerlies and sun follow by freezing cold southerlies and snow in some areas! However, despite this i am still getting into a summer mood. Perhaps its the strawberries that are stocking the shelves of the supermarket (and you don't have to sell your precious jewellery for). It may also be that fact that I am currently preparing a summer capsule wardrobe.

Last summer I started to get quite into iced tea, so while I am dreaming of summer I thought that I would also stock up on some great iced tea recipes.

This recipe is just for your straight and plain iced tea.... It may come in handy but I like to jazz mine up a bit.

.... Like with this amazing looking mint and ginger version from Martha Stewart. It looks really refreshing and I like that it uses honey to sweeten it.

This Earl Grey and orange version also looks fantastic. I currently drink a type of Earl Grey called Lady grey that includes a bit of citrus so I think that I would really like this iced version.

And finally, when I think of summer I think of stone fruits like apricot. This apricot iced tea uses apricot nectar which I'm pretty sure you can buy in the juice aisle. Cut a few slices of apricot to put in it and you would have a great drink for bbqs!

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