Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I'm crushing on.....

I thought that I would diverge from food for a minute and instead share with you some of the things that I am loving at the moment (don't worry, this still contains some food).


Revenge- I am a bit late off the mark with this series so I am trying to catch up before season 3 starts. It's so vengeful and addictive.... I love it!

Mr Selfridge- I have a soft spot for period dramas, although I still think I'm a bit mad at Downton Abbey for killing off Matthew! Any-who..... Mr Selfridge is my current favourite in this category. The scandal, the drama and oh the costumes!!!! They almost make me think that a corset was worth it.


I recently found this tutorial on how to use a spoon as the ultimate eye make-up tool. I have had a couple of goes at perfecting the technique and it works brilliantly.

The results.....


Although we are technically still in winter here in NZ, it has been feeling decidedly spring-like. My chambray shirt has been brilliant for layering both over and under. Throw it on over a dress, wear it tucked into a waisted skirt or even do double denim. So easy!!


And of course a post on this blog wouldn't be complete without something on food...

Kumara (Sweet potato for all you non-nzers)- While these are more expensive than ordinary potatoes I can't seem to get enough of them at the moment. Roasted, mashed, in chip form, I love them any way. My current favourite? That would definitely be a roasted kumara, sliced open with melted peanut butter. I know, I know it sounds pretty crazy but it is divine!! Oh and the roast kumara with feta and grape was also amazing.

Coconut flour- With my recent experiments with gluten-free baking I have come across this baby! It is perfect for scones, cupcakes, pancakes etc. as it gives them the most delicious, light coconut flavour. You will need to stock up on a few more eggs than usual to bind it and do not try to substitute it 1-1 for normal flour!! The coconut flour absorbs heaps of moisture so you hardly need any flour to eggs and fluid. You may also want to leave your pancake/ scone mix to sit for a minute or two if it seems runny as it will thicken up quite quickly.

As you can see, like my mind a lot of the time, what I'm crushing on is very random and at times a little strange, but hey, it sure does make life more interesting.

What wierd things are you crushing on at the moment?

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