Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recipe List 26.08.13- Make at home lunches

I'm on mid-semester break this week. Although I still have lots of uni work to be doing, it means that I can do it from home, which also means that I have the opportunity to have a different type of lunch.

Lunches for uni consist of sandwiches, salads or things that will reheat nicely in the microwave. When I'm at home I have the opportunity to spend a little more time and effort on my lunches. I thought that with this week's recipe list, I would find some delicious recipes to make myself for lunch this week.

This sweet potato hash from healthful pursuit would be delicious with an egg on the side. A bonus is that it uses ingredients that I know I have in my pantry right now.

I have made something similar to this caramelized onion, cabbage and walnut pasta before and it was delicious!! I also have some quinoa pasta at home that a want to try out. A perfect winter lunch.

There are 2 zuchinni lurking in my fridge that reall should be used up, so I think that these curry vegetable roll ups will occur early on this week.

Brown butter and bacon? Yes please! These brown butter and bacon potato cups look absolutely amazing. Will definitely have to try these.

And finally for my last lunch of the week, its not yet spring, but I think I will try this spring pizza. I don't think that I can handle tinned asparagus, so I may have to play with the ingredients a little.

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