Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recipe List 29.07.13: Green Smoothie Boost

I am feeling like I am in need of a bit of a winter immunity boost, so I am planning on having a bit of a green smoothie week. Now as scary as they look, green smoothies are absolutely delicious!! You can fill them up with heaps of fruit and when you add your leafy, green vegetable you get all of the nutrients without feeling like you are eating a bowl of spinach.

To keep things interesting, I thought I would get some inspiration from the blogosphere.

First up is a green smoothie that I have made before and absolutely loved. The name says it all, Caramel Apple Smoothie from Healthful pursuit. The dates help to give this smoothie its lovely, sweet caramel flavour and the frozen apple makes it quite refreshing. You will need a relatively powerful blender for this though.

As winter is citrus season I have a few limes on hand. This key lime pie smoothie looks delicious and will be a great way to use up my limes.

Finally, I think that I will have a Vitamin C boost with this tropical green smoothie. I may adjust this to use a whole orange instead of orange juice to up the fibre a little.

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