Sunday, August 4, 2013

Recipe List 5.08.13- Treat yourself breakfasts

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it as just been one of those weeks. I can't believe that it is already August and I am going into my 5th week of semester. As I am quite busy working on assignments and catching up on readings I am going to make this weeks recipe list quick and simple, with some delicious treat breakfasts to look forward to when I get over this busy period.

Winter is definitely the time of year for apple crumble, so why not have it for breakfast. Ok so these apple crumble oats are healthier than your dessert one but still delicious. I don't think that I ever get sick of apple crumble. I also have some delicious apple crumble muffins in the pipeline at the moment, they just need a little more perfecting.

I kind of associate gingerbread flavours with two times of year. First of all I find its delicious, spicy, warming flavours perfect for winter, but it also very much reminds me of christmas. I suppose that it is juts one of the confusions of having christmas during summer here in New Zealand. These gingerbread pancakes for one will be delicious for a treat for myself on a slower morning.

Finally, who doesn't love some good sticky buns. These ones definitely look like a treat with the addition of pecans! Because they are based around a scone-type dough rather than an enriched yeast dough they will also be much quicker to get in and out of the oven and into my belly. Mwahahahahaha.

I hope that you all have a great week. I have some great recipes in the pipeline that just need a little more tweaking so I can't wait to have those ready for you.

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