Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIAW #3 Vege-rific

Hi everyone and welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday, this time with a love your veges theme. The aim of this theme is to tell people all of the different ways that I get fruit and veges into my daily eats. Also, mum if you read this you will know that I am eating plenty of vegetables.

So to start the day I had a hot water and lemon, followed by Pineapple Upside Down Porridge. Rolled oats, chopped pineapple, coconut and a small sprinkling of brown sugar on top. I pretty much always have some sort of fruit with my breakfast, I feel like I have missed something if I don't.

After a morning at uni and then coming home to pot up my herbs (don't they look pretty), I was starving! I came up with a very veggified lunch!

Lunch was a baked kumara (sweet potato) with peanut butter. I was inspired by Sara's WIAW post last week. I will admit that not having had this combination before I was a little hesitant but it was amazing! Definitely one to make again. I had my Kumara with a rainbow salad. Beetroot, cabbage, carrot and pear all grated up for me by my food processor in about 1 minute. Salads are a great way to add veges to my day and I am always looking for new and interesting ones to try.

Lunch was finished off with an apricot and a cup of tea.

My afternoon snack featured veges again in the way of celery. I had some celery sticks with some feta and caramelised onion dip and some muesli balls. The muesli balls were made with some peanut butter, cream cheese and muesli. Another great vege snack that I love is to fill the celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins, mmmm.

Tea was a Jamie Oliver sausage pasta. Hungry male is not a fan of wholemeal pasta so for this meal I thought I would give these Dino Shapes a whirl. They use some oat flour to make them higher in fibre than normal white pasta. I will definitely buy this pasta again as it had the softness of normal pasta and to be honest the wee dinosaur shapes were very cute! 

Normally I would eat pasta with a salad on the side to try and up my vege intake, however this pasta had carrot and celery already pureed in the sauce so I didn't worry.

When I got home from work I wanted something chocolately so I had one of these Yoplait vigeur. They are really nice to have when you have a bit of a chocolate craving! My day was finished off with a handful of grapes.

I hope you enjoyed my veggified What I ate Wednesday and got some inspiration from it.


  1. mmm I just found your blog! I feel like I'm missing something without fruit as well. I bet oats with coconut milk tastes really creamy. I love sweet potatoes with nut butter! One of my favourite breakfasts, actually.
    SHAPED PASTA!! I'm glad hungry male would eat those. I can't think of many people who wouldn't eat dino pasta :)
    Sorry, this comment is all over the place.
    to change topics once again, the kids I nanny for eat those little yoghurts. They're so small!

    1. Thats actually a normal size portion of yoghurt in New Zealand but for a snack on their own they aren't really enough to fill me up.

  2. I never thought of pineapple in oatmeal, but that sounds delicious!

  3. I've never had pineapple with oats before but I can imagine that it tastes great!

  4. The SP + PB combo is on my list of things to try! it sounds awesome!!!!

  5. mmmm Pineapple Upside Down Porridge sounds so good right now! and that feta dip looks soo yummy too! :)



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