Monday, April 20, 2015

12 Week Challenge Final Week- Be Body Confident

This week is the final week of the 12 Week Challenge. This week is also possibly one of the most challenging weeks. It is easy to change what you have around you to help you eat better, but changing what your brain is telling you... well that is a different story.

Think of your morning routine; you shower, get dressed, do your hair, do your makeup and then go and check yourself in the mirror. What is it that you say to yourself? Do you compliment yourself, or do you find yourself pointing out all of your flaws?

I believe that part of being healthy holistically, is having a positive mindset. So here are my tips on being more body confident:

1. Focus on the positive: A few months ago we had a great speaker come into work who spoke about the influence having a positive mindset can have on your mental wellbeing. So when you look at yourself in the mirror, rather than immediately pointing out to yourself what it is that you don't like, instead find two or three things to compliment yourself on. Focusing on the positive aspects will become a habit and in time, you will find that you notice the positive more than the negative.

2. Don't be a slave to fashion: Not all styles of clothing will suit you, it as simple as that. As much as I love the look of loose, draped layers, between my chest and butt, they tend to look like unflattering sacks on me. While sometimes its frustrating, I just have to remind myself that there are lots of clothes that can look great on me. Rather than following the latest fashions to the letter, you are far better picking out the pieces that suit you and make you feel good and making your own style.

3. Find the little things that make you feel good: Sometimes something little is all it takes to perk up your day. I like to put on bright lipstick when I'm feeling a bit low as I feel like it helps brighten the rest of your day. I also feel better about myself if I've gone for a good run etc. Make time for these little things.

4. Dont try to change what you can't: Sometimes you just have to make peace with what you have. You cannot physically change the length of your limbs, or give yourself an entirely different body shape. So stop wishing you could!

I'm not saying that I am completely body confident, I sadly don't believe that many people are, but it is something that I think that I can constantly be trying to work on.

What are your body confidence tips? What do you do to make you feel brighter?

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