Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Pots

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well. Hungry Male and I have just come back from seeing the Mockingjay movie. Don't know if I liked it as much as the last movie, but it definitely felt like it was building up to something good for the last one.

Suppose that I will have to wait another 12 months to find out.

The weather up here in Auckland has been beautiful the last 2 weeks! It's pretty consistently been in the high 20s every day, but it I am still adjusting to the humidity. Today we went for a swim at Mairangi Bay, a beautiful, pretty calm beach up here. It's so nice swimming at the beaches up here because you can quite comfortably swim in just your togs, no wetsuit needed like down in Dunedin.

So at this stage we are settling into Auckland life quite well.

Today's recipe may not be quite so healthy as the recipes that I usually put up, but oh is it delicious!! I made this last week for Hungry Male's birthday and decided that I really needed to share it with you! Ideally I would have made it in those cute little preserving jars that you can buy, but since I haven't had the chance to go out and get some, I made do with some drinking glasses that I already had.

I will note that these really do need to be made with Reeses cups, which in New Zealand can be a little bit of a mission to find, but they are well worth the hunt! If they aren't stocked in your local supermarket, you can often find them at the Warehouse, Video stores or in specialty lolly shops.

Enjoy x

(Serves 4)

100g plain biscuits (I used wine biscuits)
2 Tbsp butter, melted
250g cream cheese
2 Tbsp Coconut oil
3 Tbsp Peanut Butter
4 Tbsp Rice Malt Syrup (Could also use honey, agave or other liquid sweetener)
4 Reeces Cups, roughly chopped + 2 for decorating

You will need 4 small drinking glasses, ramekins or small mason jars.

Place the biscuits in a bag and roughly bash with a rolling pin or other heavy object. Mix with the melted butter, distribute evenly among your glasses or jars and press down.

In a food processor, add the cream cheese, coconut oil, peanut butter, rice malt syrup and 4 of the Reeces cups. Process until well combined (you still want a few chunks of the peanut butter cups).

Spoon the mixture evenly between the jars and then place in the fridge for around an hour to set.

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