Saturday, December 20, 2014

Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

I was having a scroll through all of the blog posts that I have done over the last few years. Aside from some horrendous photography in some of the older posts, I also noticed how many recipes I had posted that would make fantastic gifts at Christmas.

Christmas baking always goes down a treat with my friends and family and is always appreciated! So take a leaf out of my book this Christmas and get baking.

These caramel and salted walnut tarts look very attractive and are great to put on a shared platter.

I originally cut this freezer brownie into heart shapes for Valentine's Day but you could use a star or christmas tree cutter for a Christmas theme.

I posted this recipe for Chocolate bark last Christmas and still think that it makes a really fantastic gift to give.

Nut butter is actually really easy to make and giving someone a jar of this Mixed Nut Butter wrapped in a big red bow makes for a festive gift.

If you want to be able to package these Homemade Bounty Bars up to give as a gift I would suggest dipping them in dark chocolate, as the coconut oil chocolate melts quite easily (and hey Christmas is for indulging).

And finally if you know any ginger lovers, this Double Ginger Slice will make their day!

Enjoy X

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