Friday, October 24, 2014

What's been happening

Woohoo! Finally a blog post. After nearly 2 months of silence this feels quite momentous! I thought for my come back post I would just give you a bit of a personal update about what has been happening, the things that I am loving at the moment and just a general kind of catch up.

The Dissertation and Finishing Uni

I somehow survived and got this handed in along with about 6 other assignments. I am really pleased with how my uni has gone this year, despite the pace and chaos of it all! I am still waiting to hear back on 3 assignments and the dissertation, but I am currently sitting on an A average. My dissertation is worth around 1/4 of my overall mark, so things can change a lot, but at least at the moment I am on-track for first class honours.

Finishing off my honours year also means finishing off 5 years of uni. Where did 5 years go? While I am not ruling out further study, for now it is time for me to step out into the professional world (exciting and terrifying at the same time).

Catching Up on Sleep (Kind of)
I was pretty exhausted after finshing up my dissertation. I haven't quite had the lazy sleep-filled days that I initially imagined. I seem to still have quite alot on as I have picked up extra hours of work, as well as 5 full days of data collection work through uni. After handing in my dissertation I also had 2 blow-out weekends, which meant arriving back home in the early hours of the morning. I was actually quite excited by the fact that I didn't get home until 4:30am the other weekend. I haven't done that in years!! Luckily from about next week I should get a bit more lazy time (hello baking!).

New House, New Kitchen
One of the reasons Hungry Male and I moved back home this year (apart from the money savings and having some extra support) was the prospect of living in the brand new house that his parents were building. After set-backs and delays we are finally in! The entire house is absolutely lovely, but my personal favourite is this gorgeous new kitchen that I get to use!!

Getting back into the kitchen (properly)
I got to bake and ice these cupcakes in the weekend....

I made cookie monster cupcakes and one pretty rose one. The icing took about 5 minutes as you have to ice each individual petal, hence why there is only one of them. Over the weekend I also made a batch of American Shortcakes (like a cross between a scone and a biscuit). All I have to say is om nom nom. Not exactly real food, but I still believe that treats like these have a place in a balanced lifestyle. I also got to make these in a pretty, pretty new oven.

Loving Smoothies
I have developed a little bit of a sugar and caffeine thing over the past few months, so I am definitely trying to cut back now. My nutrition, while still pretty good wasn't always fantastic when I was tired a stressed. Because of this I developed quite a thing for smoothies in the morning. They were quick, easy and I new that even if the rest of the day turned to crap nutrition-wise, I was at least getting a nutrient dense breakfast.

One of my favourites was banana, berries, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder, vital greens and almond milk. So easy and so good.

Oh yes, one of the fun, fun side affects of stress (not!) is a flare up in acne. This has led me to a few other products that I love.

The first is my discovery of Epiology skincare. Using many acne treatments causes my skin to get really tight and flaky. Epiology is amazing as I have that perfect skin feeling afterwards of feeling clean yet soft and moisturised. It is also quite effective on my sore hormonal/stress acne.

I am also now in love with this Elf concealer. It has fantastic coverage without looking too heavy and the best part? It was only $5 from K-Mart. Bargain!

And finally, I'm not sure yet if it's a product that I am in love with, but it is something that 
I will keep you posted on. I have recently started taking Vitex to help balance out the hormones contributing to my acne. It is meant to take a couple of months to really see a difference, so as I said will keep you posted.

And Finally.....
I can now announce that Libby's Real Food is moving up to Auckland! I have gotten myself a graduate marketing role with Reckitt Benckiser, so Hungry Male and I are packing up and heading North in the New Year. This means that the blog may evolve a little bit further to include some more reviews as I attempt to eat my way around the North. Can't wait!

Well that is probably all that you need to know for now. I am getting working on some new recipes for you and I plan to really get underway with my Food 101 series.

Watch this space!

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