Monday, September 23, 2013

Recipe List 23.09.13- Chicken Soup Cures

I have come down with an awful spring cold!! I have this stupid, itchy throat that has woken me up about an hour before my alarm the past two mornings and now a blocked nose! This unfortunate situation has now inspired me to use this week's recipe to find some variations on a fantastic cold cure, chicken soup.

We will start with the basics from the kitchen queen, Martha Stewart. Whole chickens are relatively cheap and this recipe only takes around an hour. I think I will make a huge batch to freeze.

This variation uses a few extra ingredients such as ginger and tumeric to boost the soup's immunity properties.

This variation uses some great extra vegetables such as courgette, mushrooms and corn.

And finally, spice things up a little with this thai hot and sour chicken soup.

I hope that if you are a bit down in the dumps with a cold like I am that one of these soups makes you feel a little better.

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