Saturday, July 20, 2013

Recipe List 22.07.13- Better Made At Home

As I am starting a new 'Better Made At Home' blog series, I thought that this week I would look to other bloggers for some inspiration on processed foods that they have made healthier and more real. My aim with my 'Better Made At Home' recipes is to make versions of some of my favourite foods that use cheaper and more nutritious ingredients, that I can feel good about eating.

I have been eyeing up these homemade twix bars from Healthful Pursuit for a while now. These use dates and nut butter for the caramel filling. While I don't think that I will be able to get my hands on coconut nectar for the base, I think I might just use some honey instead.

We don't get Larabars in New Zealand, but I always see so many other bloggers rave about them. I have made these homemade Larabars from Chocolate Covered Katie before, but I definitely need to make some again as they are such as filling and delicious snack!

I haven't had chocolate flavoured cereal for years! Its just far too sugary and processed for my liking. This chocolate cookie cereal from Family Fresh Cooking looks like the perfect alternative. I don't need it to be gluten free so I might just use some wholemeal flour in place of the corn flour. Another option is to use some more oat flour as I really like its taste.

And because breakfast is probably my favourite meal if the day I thought that I would include one more  of them. This Chocolate Granola (muesli in NZ) is made in the slow cooker so I'm quite curious to try it. I think that I will use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil though.

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