Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recipe List 1.07.13

Happy 1st of July!! I can't believe that we are already into the seventh month of this year! Where has it gone?

I am still working away at last week's recipe list, but I thought that I would still create one for this week, just with a different focus. It hasn't always been this way but nowadays if I don't get a relatively large serving of vegetables with my dinner I feel as if I have missed something. Because of this, I thought that this week I would find some delicious looking vegetable side dishes to have with dinners this week.

This first recipe could be used either with a meal or as a snack. Kale is a relatively recent vegetable find for me and I can get it down at the local farmer's market quite cheaply. I am starting to play around with more and more ways of using it as Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods that you can eat. Turning it into a crispy, tasty chip like snack sounds like a great way to use it, so I will have a go at making some Kale chips.

If I have a heavier meal such as lasagne, I usually like to have a salad on the side, however, it is easy for salads to get boring. This Harvest salad uses some great seasonal ingredients and I may even be able to get hungry male to eat it too.

To use up the rest of the kale, this coconut kale recipe looks fantastic. I also want the coconut milk so that I can make some coconut ice-cream, so this will use up some ingredients well.

Lastly, for a slightly more starchy vegetable side dish, I think I may make these honey roast yams. I really love vegetables like yams and they are in season right now. I haven't bought them yet this year so this will be a good chance to get some.

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