Monday, March 25, 2013

Vegetable Challenge Week 2

My vegetable challenge is still going really well. This week I think that I had pushed myself a little more than last week, with tomatoes and courgettes and tried a few things that I hadn't yet tried. Ialways used to get really confused between courgette and zuchinni. When I was younger I didn't really like them and I just thought that they were just 2 different gross vegetables. A few years ago, I learnt that zucchini is the Italian and courgette is the French. Anyway, here is what I made...

On Monday night I was working till 6.30pm, so when I got home I was starving! I went with an easy combination that I knew went really well and that was very easy to whip up. This was just diced courgette and tomato, steamed in the microwave with a little water and rosemary.

For my second dish, I chose to just use tomatoes, as I had an abundance of them. For this dish, I first fried some quartered lemon in a little olive oil and chilli powder until the lemon started to turn golden. I then added quartered tomatoes and stir fried until they were just cooked. I then squeezed the juice from the lemons over. Yummy!

I forgot to photograph my 3rd meal, but I had a falafel salad, served on a base of raw chopped tomato and courgette. This was my first time eating raw, cubed courgette and I was pleasantly surprised.

My final meal for the week was a roast courgette, topped with some pasta sauce and cheese. This photo doesn't really do this meal justice. It was delicious and I will definitely make it again!

So that was my meal. I am sorry to say that there will be no vege challenge for the next 3 weeks, as I will be away on holiday in Australia. My challenge this week is to try and use up any food I have in the fridge!

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