Saturday, April 14, 2012

Japanese-style Crispy Chicken

Whenever we got out to a Japanese restaurant, hungry male always gets some form of crispy chicken and I will admit, the Japanese do a very good crispy chicken.

Whenever we got out and hungry male gets the crispy chicken I say "You know I could probably make that at home". Part of the secret is the Japanese mayonnaise that goes with the chicken and the local supermarket sells this.

The other night, I finally put words into action and had a go at the crispy chicken...... and it was awesome!! Beautifully crispy, easy to make and very tasty.

2 large chicken breasts, cut into strips
Approx 100g panko bread crumbs (You may need more or less)
1 large egg, beaten with 1 Tbsp water
Salt and pepper
Favourite sauce of your choice.

1. Place the flour and bread crumbs on 2 separate plates.
2. First, dip the chicken in the flour to lightly coat.
3. Next dip the chicken in the egg mixture.
4. Finally, roll the chicken in the panko breadcrumbs to coat the chicken fully.
5. Place on a baking tray and repeat with the rest of the chicken
6. Season lightly with salt and pepper.
7. Bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and golden.

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