Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love for Grandmas

There are many reasons to love grandmas, i'll give you two. 1. They do some of the best baking. 2. They give you the best baking books.
Grandma gave me this recipe book for Christmas and I love it!! Every recipe that I have tried in it seems to turn out perfectly. There's lots of amazing cookies, some drool worthy slices, but my absolute favourite section would have to be the cakes for special occasions. I love having a go at these professional looking cakes. Here is a selection of the ones that I have made so far.
The six-layer chocolate torte. This was an amazing dense beautifully chocolaty cake. The cross section was six gorgeous wee layers sandwiched together with chocolate icing mmm. This was made for my boyfriend's mum's birthday. Now she is a self confessed chocoholic with a big sweet tooth, but this chocolated her out.
Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Gateau. Mum gets the credit for making this one, I just helped. I know it doesn't really seem fair that she made her own cake but I was working :(.

But the cake that I am most proud of.....
Strawberry and White Chocolate Mousse Gateau. Yes that is solid white chocolate around the edge. Even better, the cross section.
I made this one for my someone special. Its two layer of sponge with a raspberry chocolate mousse layer, cream and strawberries on top and wrapped in white chocolate.

I wish I could make special cakes for everyone, but they go to anyone who is lucky enough to have their birthday fall in my uni holidays... maybe I should quit my day job :).

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