Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nutella Oreo Truffles

I absolutely love truffles!! They are like a delicious bite of indulgence. While these aren't my ultimate favourite truffles they are pretty good. The best way to describe what they taste like is cookies and cream in a bite.

I tweaked this recipe from one I got off a blog called my Greek ambition. This was another case of me randomly jumping from page to page and coming across this tasty sounding treat. I added a little bit of butter as the truffle mixture was going to be too dry to turn into balls. I also experimented with rolling the truffles in coconut but that didn't really work so well.

2 packs of oreos (28 oreos)
2 Tbsp Nutella
2 Tbsp cream cheese
1 Tbsp butter, melted

Extras to roll truffles in- I used melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

1. In a food processor add 1/2 a pack of oreos and pulse until crushed.
2. Keep adding oreos 1/2 a pack at a time and pulse.
3. Keep pulsing until the oreos have been turned into fine crumbs (The finer the crumbs are the better the truffles will hold together.
4. Add the nutella, cream cheese and butter and pulse until the mixture starts to cling together.
5. At this point test a handful of mixture to see how easily it forms a ball. If the mixture is a little dry add more cream cheese or nutella.
6. Roll Tablespoon lots of mixture into balls.
7. Roll the truffles in whatever toppings you are using.
8. Refrigerate until serving.

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