Monday, February 1, 2016

Starting a new chapter

You may have noticed over the past few months that while I have still been active on social media, I haven't been posting anything new in a long time. There have been several reasons for this. Firstly, by the end of 2015 I was starting to feel pretty worn out. 2015 marked quite a big year for me, I moved to Auckland, started my first proper job, started to plan a wedding and in the end also started preparing to build a house. As a result, blogging seemed to be the thing that fell off my to-do list more often than not. 

During this busy time, while I wasn't strictly unhealthy, I don't think I was taking as good care of myself as I could have. I wasn't eating as many fresh, whole foods, wasn't quite getting enough sleep, not exercising all that often, and living off more caffeine than I usually like to. As people often say, new year, new me, and starting when we got back to Auckland in January (after one final last hurrah cheat day), my fiance Jake and I made the decision to get healthy together. This means being active every day, even if it is just getting out for a walk, ditching the refined sugar and processed foods that had been starting to creep back in, and giving ourselves one treat a week, just for sanity purposes. As part of my new year, new me, I want a blog that is focused on a bit more than food and reflects my lifestyle a little better. I also wanted to inject more of myself into the blog, as at times it felt a little impersonal.

The second part that niggled about this blog is its uniqueness. Unfortunately for me, the name Libby, and health food blogging seem to go hand in hand in New Zealand. Off the top of my head I can think of Dr Libby, who often has"real food" in the name of her cook books, and Libby from the blogging duo Julia and Libby. These are both people who I admire and follow, but it does get frustrating that when you search for "Libby's Real Food" along with the name of one of my recipes on google, you are unlikely to find it, as to be honest, both Dr Libby and Julia & Libby are much better at blogging than I am.

It is for these reasons that I have decided that I will no longer be creating content for this blog. No, I am not stopping blogging altogether, but with my new direction I wanted a fresh new start. I am not completely leaving my roots behind, as over the next few months I will be going back through the recipes on here and perfecting them for my new blog, The Sweet Tooth Dilemmas.

So from this blog I would like to say, thank you everyone for your support, and I hope that you choose to continue to follow me over on my new blog.

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