Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I ate Wednesday- Trying to keep my energy levels up

Hello everyone!! Sorry that I have been a bit slack on the posting the last few weeks!! Things have been super super busy with my honours course. I actually suspect that they may be trying to scare some of us away with the course load. Unfortunately this has meant apart from my basic day-to-day meals, I haven't really had a chance to get into the kitchen to dvelop any exciting recipes for you (Don't panic! I have something special planned to make in the weekend.)

Instead, I thought that I would join in with the What I Ate Wednesday crowd over at Peas and Crayons (If you follow me on Instagram (@libbysfood) you will notice some posts with #WIAW). My focus with this week's WIAW is to try to show you the sorts of foods that I eat when I am trying to keep my energy levels up.

I seemed to wake up particularly tired this morning so I started gently with some lemon juice in warm water while I prepped my other food for the day. ONce I got going I had a wholemeal toasted pita pocket with  a peanut butter/coconut oil/honey sauce (just those three things warmed together), banana, chopped dates and pistachios. I normally don't have coffee in the morning but today I felt like I needed it. I made it with lots of milk to up my protein a bit and also because the pita on its own wasn't going to hold me through.

Breakfast seemed to provide some good sustenance to get me through teaching a tutorial and some pretty effective study. On my way to class I snacked on a homemade protein bar and some brown rice crackers. I am in love with these protein bars but now I can't remember which website I got the recipe off. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! 

I got a little bit carried away with eating lunch and forgot to photograph it (it was a roast veggie and cous cous salad by the way) and it did include this yummy avocado with lemon juice and cumin seeds.

My afternoon was fantastic as in class we had a talk from a managing director of a winery and we got to have a small glass of top of the line Savingnon Blanc each. It was delicious!!

I had a lot(!) of stress energy that evening so I went with hungry male to do some sprint training to try and work it out a little. It did the trick nicely and I also wanted to sprint home as I was coming home to yummy lasagne with salad. 

And then I finished my day off with a peppermint tea and a piece of dark toblerone.

As you can see from my day, when I'm felling pretty tired and low I try to up my healthy fats as it seems to give me a boost. Things like avocado and nuts are perfect for this!

Anyway, hopefully I will get on to my delicious baking project this week and be able to share it with you next week.

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