Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recipe List 18.11.13- Savouring Strawberries

I cannot believe that it is over halfway through November. I'm pretty sure that the rest of my year is not going to last long at all! One thing that I do love at the time of year is the abundance of strawberries that are around. One of my favourite ways is simply with yoghurt for breakfast, but I thought that with this week's recipe list I would explore some more interesting ways of using them.

I like putting fruit like grapes in salads, so why not use some strawberries. This chicken and strawberry salad would make a delicious lunch for work.

I love looking to Martha Stewart for inspiration and she has no let me down with this strawberry and pistachio tart.

And finally, I have an icecream maker so I may as well get using it for summer. I have never tried a buttermilk based icecream so i am looking forward to trying this strawberry buttermilk icecream recipe.

Do you have any delicious, interesting ways for using strawberries?

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