Sunday, August 18, 2013

Recipe List 19.08.13- Banana Softserve Madness!!!

Have you ever heard of banana softserve? Have you ever tried it? If you have you probably agree with me that it is the most mind-blowing thing since someone pulled a coin out of your ear when you were 5.

If you haven't tried banana soft serve yet let me explain. You take a banana, you peel it and chop it up and then you pop it in the freezer and then sit and stare at the freezer for 6-8 hours, go away a live your life until the banana has frozen. You then get your food processor, stick blender or blender, splash in a little milk and within about 1 minute of whizzing you have this amazing creamy soft serve texture. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it can be and i'm sure the fact that it is made out of fruit and its many nutrients makes it taste all more delicious.

The only issue with this ice-cream is if you don't love banana (p.s. you're crazy, but I will provide for you anyway). Apparently you can also do this recipe with frozen avocado and frozen apricots or forzen berries. The avocado will probably need some other flavour add-ins.

My one major recommendation for this is to use a fresh banana and then freeze it rather than that spotty banana you threw into the freezer to save it and the skin has now turned black. I think that the banana flavour is just a little nicer this way. I thought for this week's recipe list I would post some of the awesome variations to banana softserve that are floating around in the blogosphere.

I would say make this tonight..... but you will have an issue with non-frozen banana's which just will not do, so instead i will say freeze some banana tonight!!!

-The Kitchn has 5 incredible looking variations. The cinnamon dulce one in particular has caught my eye.

-Add a little crunch with sweet n salty almonds from Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook.

- Tree hugger have a few more variations for you. Strawberry choc chip anyone?

- And finally, because peanut butter is what makes my world spin round, I had to include a peanut butter one.

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