Monday, August 12, 2013

Recipe List 12.08.13- Gluten Free Goodies

I think that I am finally starting to figure out my digestion issue. Unfortunately the culprit does appear to be gluten :(. I do seem to be able to eat a little bit, for example, one wholemeal wrap or a small muffiin seemed to be ok, however, the other night I had a homemade pizza with a wholemeal crust and boy did I get a sore gut after that! I felt awful!

Luckily I do seem to be adapting alright to a mostly gluten-free lifestyle, however, the one thing that I haven't found yet is a decent gluten free bread. I am quite the bread snob and have a love affair with delicious grainy breads, but the gluten free ones that I have tried so far are just white and just a bit..... meh. I had a go at making a coconut flour bread which is nice, but no way near proper bread texture! It's more like a savoury loaf. I have another bread recipe that I am eyeing up and supposedly you get a nice, light texture if you make it in the slow cooker. I will give it a go and keep you updated.

In the mean time, here are some gluten free goodies from the blogosphere that are helping to inspire my change. As you will see here, it is baking recipes that I am most interested in as that is where I tend to find going gluten free the hardest.

I love soda bread, so I was quite excited to see this gluten free version. I have had a quick look over Gluten Free Goddess' posts and they look so helpful, particularly this post on baking with gluten free flours.

There is no way that I am never eating a delicious croissant again. I was just willing to risk a sore stomach for one, but I may not have to with this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

I have got hold of some coconut flour (delicious!!) and this blueberry breakfast bread looks like a fantastic way to use it.

It was pizza the other night that gave me such a sore stomach. The problem is that I really do have a love affair with homemade pizza and I make it quite often. I will have to see if this pizza base meets my standards.

Not that sushi is a problem for me, but when I was looking around at recipes I saw this idea to mix in some quinoa with sushi rice. This will definitely make some awesome rice balls for my lunches!

If you have any fantastic gluten free recipes up your sleeve please share them with me!! Particularly I am looking for some great gluten free bread recipes.

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