Monday, June 3, 2013

Recipe List 04.06.13

Hey everyone. I am in the middle of exam study right now with my first exam in 4 days time. When studying for exams I like to use cooking and baking as a bit of a break, however, its probably a bit too much procrastination if I take 2 hours to do this.

I also like to snack when studying (I think its some form of procrastination too), so I thought that this would be the focus of my recipe list this week: Snacks that can be prepared in 15 minutes.

First of all these no-bake chocolate oat bars look delicious. I try to avoid too much sugar while studying. 1) I want to try to avoid sugar highs and lows and 2) I just get addicted. These bars look perfect as there is minimal sugar in them.

Next up is something that will be great to have sitting in a bowl in front of me while I study, kettle corn. I'm not sure if I will follow this recipe exactly as I think I want to try making a refined sugar free kettle corn. I really love the sweet and salty combination, so either way it will be a winner.

Sometimes I'm not always hugely hungry but I get that mid-afternoon craving for something sweet. I love Katie's different snack bites so I will definitely be making these. They rely on fruit for sugar, with some added nutrition from the nuts. I know that the bites that I have made in the past have always tasted really decadent, so fix my sweet craving.

And last up is a more substantial snack for those days when I just seem to be ridiculously hungry all the time. I know that I have a couple of tortillas left over from burritos, so these apple and sultana wraps will be a great way to use them up. I will probably just stew an apple instead of using tinned as its really not that hard to do in the microwave.

From last week's list, I made everything except for the almonds, which I will probably do this week. I have to say that the coconut oil mayonnaise is amazing! Its thick and creamy and full of flavour. It was also really easy to make while dinner was cooking in the oven.

Let me know if you make any of these recipes and what you think of them!

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