Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A (very late) Vegetable Challenge Update

I only just realised that I had forgotten to post up last weeks meals from my recipe challenge. Last weeks vegetables were pumpkin and leek, 2 great Autumn vegetables and 2 that I am more confident in using in the kitchen.

This first meal may seem slightly strange to some but it was just so god darn delicious that actually writing about it is making me want it right now!! This sandwich consisted of some mashed up roasted pumpkin, some leftover stewed apples with blue cheese melted on top. So good!

My next recipe used both pumpkin and leek as a side for my lasagne. I chose to be a little experimental (for me) and roasted the leek alongside the pumpkin. I then dresses the salad with a dressing made from some sour cream, lemon juice and nutmeg. Also really delicious.

I went the traditional route and made some pumpkin soup. I don't think that this was the right kind of pumpkin for soup as I had to add a bit of red curry paste to give it decent flavour. Sometimes I like to use pre-roasted pumpkin to make pumpkin soup and I wonder if this would have had more flavour.

And lastly I decided to try brown butter for the first time to use for my leeks. If you have never tried brown butter, you just let some butter bubble away (while watching carefully) until it goes a more golden, brown colour. Somehow this really transforms the flavour and makes it really addictive! After browning my butter, I just sautéed the leek for a bit and then sprinkled some sea salt. Really simple but I was amazed at how good this tasted.

This week my challenge vegetables are Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom. Watch this space...

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