Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WIAW #9- Green Juice Fail

Another Wednesday and another week of trying to eat green for

I was very proud of myself for again managing to include something green into almost all of my meals. So here goes.......

Winter is on its way in New Zealand and along with it those horrid winter clothes. Therefore, I thought that I would start off today with a super green juice. This juice was made with an apple, a carrot some spinach and some ginger. Great combo buuuuuuuut........ I made this juice with the juicer fitting on the magic bullet. Pretty much this is just a thin mesh thing that goes around the blender blade and it didn't work overly well so the juice was very thick and pulpy. Not the most pleasant thing to drink....

After the not so super juice I made up for it with some delicious porridge. This was rolled oats cooked up with some peanut butter, some dried cranberries and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Yummy yummy yummy!

Mid morning snack included green in the form of an avocado that needed using up. I mashed it up with sweet chilli sauce and lemon juice to make guacamole. I put this on some crackers and had these along with a nectarine and some broken cookie pieces (The cookie factory in Christchurch sells bags of these so I had to get some when I was up there).

When lunch time rolled around I was pretty hungry! Lunch was a pita pizza made with some tomato paste, lots of herbs, some antipasto mix and topped with cheese. I had this with a nice big beetroot salad. Lots of green in all of that lettuce. I also had a handful of chocolate covered peanuts... just cos they're awesome.

At afternoon snack time I was trying to come up with something green but inspiration was escaping me. Instead I had a couple of  multigrain rice crackers, one topped with hummus, the other with homemade chocolate almond butter. Amazingly I found a couple of leftover Christmas mince tarts lurking in the back of the fridge so I also had one of those and some grapes.

Dinner was very green! I had a crumbed fish fillet, some garlicky beans and zucchini and some broccoli, all topped with a delicious green sauce. I made the sauce with some plain yoghurt, some basil and some parmesan. The sauce was really good as it tasted a lot like pesto which I love.

After dinner I treated myself with some milo self-saucing pudding and some icecream. For those of you who are confused, milo is a malted chocolate drink powder.

So that rounds off another WIAW. As a side note, I think that I am doing pretty well with my healthy eating and so far no signs of sickness. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Aw, sorry that the juice didnt turn out too well! At least all your other yummy eats made up for it. :)



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