Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIAW #8- Green Monsters!!!

Its Wednesday again! I will admit that I have been pretty slack today at taking photos of my snacks but I have been eating some pretty amazing green foods for

First off I started with a hot water and lemon. This helped to tide me until breakfast as I decided to make lunch first.

When it was time for breakfast I made myself this Green Breakfast Monster!!!Basically I adapted this banana mug muffin by adding in some baby spinach. I then topped it with some homemade chocolate almond butter and served it with some mango slices. While it may not look like the most appetizing of breakfast it was pretty darn tasty.

My (unpictured) midmorning snack was some carrot sticks.... I think you can imagine what they looked like...

Now remember how I said that breakfast didn't look too appetizing.... yea....well... lunch looked even less so.......

This was a spinach and apple soup with some leftover kale thrown in there for good measure. You know its gotta be good for you because of the colour and it was actually really really tasty. I sprinkled with just a little parmesan and an amazing lunch was made.

Along with lunch I had another amazing food item, a freshly baked hot cross bun. I have recently been drooling over these in the supermarket but was struggling to justify the cost on my limited food budget so I decided to make my own this morning. They turned out perfectly!

To round off lunch I also had a delicious nectarine as the stone fruit season is almost over.

I also forgot to photograph my afternoon snack but I had a couple of rice crackers topped with hummus and avocado and I made myself an iced coffee. Yum!

Hungry male was on dinner duty tonight so we had burritos. These were made up of some wholegrain tortillas, a chilli mince mixture and lots of veggies. I had this with some steamed broccoli and some roast bushfire pumpkin.

And the perfect end to a pretty awesome food day a homemade passionfruit-lemon yoghurt iceblock (I almost forgot to photo it).


  1. Everything looks tasty. Clever making the green mug muffin.

  2. Wow it all looks so tasty! I always green things like your breakfast look a little scary, but they always taste good!

  3. I have seen the idea of mug muffins before, but I still haven't tried them! I love how you added spinach...great idea!



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